What are the Symbols on a Masonic Ring?

The double-headed eagle is the most common symbol associated with the Scottish rite. For example, in some jurisdictions, the 32nd symbol has a triangle with the number 32 on the eagle's chest, while the 33rd contains a triangle with the number 33 above the eagle's heads. Sometimes, the shape of the eagle's head or wings can also indicate the jurisdiction in which it originated. In the most basic sense, the meaning of a Mason ring is to symbolize the member's continuing loyalty to the oldest fraternal organization in the world.

Like much of the symbolism found in Freemasonry, cultures have used rings for thousands of years.

From bumper stickers to badges, hats, cufflinks, messenger bags, and Masonic rings, these Masonic items often have an icon or symbol.

When used with care and consideration, they are a great way to show the pride of being Masons. Since the lodge itself does not give each member a ring, it is usually given as a gift, from father to son or from grandfather to grandchild, when the youngest member is raised as a master Mason. For those interested in an introduction to Masonic symbolism, The Craft and Its Symbols4, by brother Allen Robert, is an excellent introduction. Hoye's understanding of Masonic symbolism is also lacking, since he lists a number of common fraternity symbols and misrepresents or misinterprets them.

In addition, for many years every Mason of the Scottish Rite received a ring with the Hebrew letter yod (which seems like a kind of apostrophe) when he reached the 14th, or Lodge of Perfection. In addition to personal meaning, Masonic rings often include other Masonic symbols, such as the letter “G” or the square and compass, all of which have a unique meaning. If you are looking for an introduction to Masonic symbolism and historic rings that exemplify authentic and original designs and seals of Order of Knights Templar then you have come to right place. In medieval times only royalty, nobles and officials wore Masonic rings which were made of precious metals, enamels, gemstones and elaborate crafts. Scottish Rite Masons could wear 14th grade ring after receiving title of Chosen Grand Mason.

Freemasonry was at its peak popularity during this time and rings allowed brothers to identify themselves in public. Masonic rings are more than just jewelry pieces; they are symbols that represent loyalty and commitment to one of oldest fraternal organizations in world. They are also great way to show pride in being Masons. Whether you are looking for an introduction to Masonic symbolism or historic rings that exemplify authentic designs and seals of Order of Knights Templar you can find them all here.

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