What is the Daughter of a Mason Called?

This is where the French derive the word louveteau, and they call the daughter of a Mason louvetine. Louveteau probably derives directly from louve, the French name for the implement. The opening time, the oldest; the midwife will ensure that all stations are full. When any of the staff of the Tribunal is absent, M, A, M.

He will appoint one to serve pro tem. Go out and park the O, G, K. At his post, giving him the orders of M, A, M. Both go to the West and give the password to the Vice-Ancient.

He goes to the ark, opens the Bible in chapter 11 of St. Mark, show the palm leaf and go back to his station. The next one or some suitable ode The Like-Minded Community But we will still be united in heart, sister guardian of the inner door, inform the guardian of the outer door. At this point, the Court hands over to the M, W, J.

Report M, A, M orders. Who reports the name of the candidate and the degree she will receive; I, G, K. Prepare the candidate by removing the hat and the wraps so that she seems to be dressed in a simple way, then places a thin white veil over her head, the veil that hangs from her back, and a palm or evergreen twig on her right hand; after which she takes the candidate to the door of the preparation room and knocks on * **. Go ahead and whisper the password F.

In the ear of the United States,. Close the door and go to the Ark, on the west side in front of the throne, and knock with his rod * **. Music in the distance on the organ; the Court is summoned. To the right of the candidate and the J, A.

On her left, she is led in front of a basin of pure water. The candidate is instructed to wash and clean her hands. When she has finished telling the story of the degree, she and the candidate will have arrived at the Vice-Antiguo station, where the S, A. Advances and whispers in the ear of the VA, A.

Confront the Eastern candidate. He leads the candidate to the Ark, and he stands up But that Your blood was shed for me, and that; You order it; I come to You, to rid my soul of a dark stain, To You, whose blood can wipe every place After the Ode, the Court is seated, except for S, A. He stands up and addresses to candidate. SO, A.

Me,. In addition, I promise and affirm that I will not speak ill of any member of this grade and that I will help and assist all poor and worthy members when I can do so without harming myself or my family. In addition, I promise and affirm that I will obey all periodic notifications given to me by a member of this grade or an ordinary court if it is in my power to do so; in addition I promise and affirm that I will obey rules and Constitution of Grand Court under which this Court is held as well as Statutes of this Court or any other court in whose jurisdiction I may be found. To all this I solemnly affirm and swear with firm determination to maintain fulfill same committing myself no less sorrow than that having my body beaten with leprosy if deliberately violate this my solemn oath obligation as daughter master bricklayer.

So help me God make me firm maintain do same He extends his right hand newly forced sister helps her get up After Ode M W This sign always given President when Court open working obtain title daughter Master Mason upon entering retiring when stands up address Court Recognition signal call signs This sign occurs when you want check if daughter master bricklayer present If there one come up give first letter key give second letter so on So that you fully understand how give key I'll try now help our main assistant You will closely observe way essay carried out especially our principal assistant because if you were undergo exam her answers would yours You should not give this signal unless you are hurry benefit Court when you are work instructions worthy sister If ever see this signal being given except occasions mentioned here told come aid people give release them if you are your power This word must given guardian outer door when entering court When opened title Daughter Master Mason also word collected assistant opening Court With help harsh director now teach you how give real grip true word Lead candidates M A M Fixing cord around candidate's waist May you my sister always be united love friendship Daughters Mason Masters wherever they scattered around world Senior Assistant Sister now take this sister our worthy Joshua Lead candidate around Court foot throne candidate sits down music stops Order candidate apply Most Worthy Joshua stands up calls Court Therefore it clear that daughter mason called louvetine She must take solemn oath abide rules regulations Grand Court She also must promise assist poor worthy members whenever possible without harming herself family Daughter mason also given recognition signal call signs which used check presence other daughters mason Finally daughter mason taught real grip true word which used identify each other.

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