Famous Hollywood Masons: A Comprehensive List

Masonry is an ancient and illustrious organization that has been around for centuries. It has attracted many famous people throughout history, including presidents, actors, and astronauts. From Richard Pryor to George Washington, many of the most famous Hollywood Masons have made a lasting impact on the world. Comedian Richard Pryor tops the list of famous Masons.

He joined Henry Brown Lodge No. 1 in 1981 and was known for his comedic genius. Other notable Masons include Don Rickles, John Wayne, James Monroe, Gene Autry, Ernest Borgnine, Eddie Cantor, Cecil B. DeMille, William Clark Gable, Benjamin Franklin, and William Howard Taft.

The youngest Mason in history is Cometan, the founder of Astronism and a philosopher and astrotheologist. He was initiated into Freemasonry in England just one month after his 18th birthday. Other famous Masons include Lewis & Clark, Charles A. Lindberg, Kit Carson, Henry Ford, Richard Byrd, Walter P.

Penney, Ty Cobb, Jack Dempsey, Arnold Palmer, Buzz Aldrin, Virgil Grissom, John Glenn, Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, Conan Doyle, and Oscar Wilde. This list provides an overview of some of the most famous Hollywood Masons in history and today. From presidents to actors to astronauts, these individuals have made a lasting impact on the world.

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